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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Communists are out to destroy democracy in India.

Democracy, whatever be it’s draw-backs and deficiencies, still remains an effective and representative form of government where people’s will reigns supreme. The rich, powerful and deep-rooted politicians are also thrown out despite their cunning manipulations to win elections and remain in power to loot the country. The bedrock of our existence is democracy till we can find a better system with its built-in checks and balances to prevent misuse, abuse and undermining of people’s will by vested interests.

Deepak Bellur, an excellent and prolific blogger ( with varied interests, who has known me from childhood, was astonished at my violent dislike for communists as he could glean from my blogs. To him I came out as a dual-personality. According to him, face-to-face, I am docile and discreet whereas my blogs portray a different me when I say communists should be shot or naxalites should be eliminated in the same manner that they annihilate innocent people.

It was hard to convince Deepak Bellur that my writings espoused a tit-for tat approach only. If communists (and naxalites) practiced violence and used butchery (or bloody revolution as they call it) to overthrow democratically elected governments to install communist form of government, then they should be prepared to face the same repression and extermination. Or else, democracy would fail. The fig-leaf of land reforms, women empowerment, labour / worker welfare, equal wealth distribution etc., is a thin viel with which these communists cover their atrocious anti-national agenda.

Communism can actually survive only in a capitalist or democratic environment! Once the revolution against the bourgeois succeeds in establishing a communist government there would be a classless society with state-controlled investments and industries and farms. Life would be all hunky-dory (for the ruling despots and not the toiling masses as can be seen in China). Long live the proletariat!

Communism is a totalitarian, dictatorial, autocratic, unipolar political system where different viewpoints are viciously suppressed and differences of opinion are ruthlessly discouraged. Dissent is the first casualty. Power is concentrated in the hands of privileged tyrants. We have seen all these happenings in erstwhile Soviet Russia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, East Germany, Poland and in several other failed communist states which collapsed due to the explosive contradictions and fissures. China and Cuba manage to hang on to the obsolete system of governance by use of sheer force and brutality. In fact, China has given up Communism and embraced laissez-faire market economy wherein the (dreaded) capitalists have been given privileged status in Special Economic Zones where the ideals of communism have been thrown to the winds! Sweat shops which exploit labour and flout labour laws are allowed free run in these SEZs. But you find the communist zombies in India opposing any progress and development in the form of industrialisation. Can these hypocrites say how so many industries in China are manufacturing such cheap products and whether these factories are operating from the sky if not from acquired farmlands?

My earlier blog entry has exposed the treachery of communists during the British rule in India and the freedom struggle. Their anti-national activities during the war with China are well chronicled. Their tacit support to and understanding with the naxalites are well known. The communist manifesto speaks of a bloody revolution to overthrow the democratically elected Indian government and re-write the Indian Constitution.

Now, tell me which patriotic Indian and firm believer in democracy would not hate these communists?