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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Balance sheet of life

I have been through tumultuous, frightening, troublesome times in my life -albeit nothing compared to the difficulties faced by my parents.
But, I consider myself fortunate.
My life could be someone else's dream.

At some desperate moments I have cursed the Almighty. Why am I burdened with all difficulties heaped on me alone? I also turned a non believer having seen my pious, devout dad's pain and suffering during his final days.                    

I had a chance to listen to Veda Brahmashri Sudhakar Sharma.
He said we Hindus believe in Karmaphala and rebirth. Our life is believed to be divinely ordained. It's predetermined destiny based on our past deeds and misdeeds.

We can attain the state of moksha or mukthi (salvation) and get relieved from the cycle of life and death if we are good. The good should outweigh the bad. This is cleansing of the soul over generations
The cleansing happens by way of troubles appearing at every footstep.

Karmaphala also means that our past sins in past life also have to be paid for and the past dues cleared. Nothing can be left outstanding.

Life is a balance sheet of good deeds and sins that we have committed over generations. When the assets (good deeds) even out with liabilities (sins), the balance sheet is final.

The logic is, if you face difficulties now you are repaying the debts of the past. Which means that your past misdeeds are written off. Your liabilities column in life's balance sheet becomes lighter. To that extent the balance sheet is healthier. A small irritation in this life may clear a liability from past life and increase the asset (good) in the balance sheet. By doing so, you get closer to mukthi which is the ultimate aim of the soul.

So, Pandith Sudhakar Sharma advises all to look at difficulties positively.
They lead us to mukthi. In fact, he says we should welcome troubles and face them and overcome them. Because, you are lessening the burdens of past misdeeds. In addition, do more good in this life.
If you believe in the Hindu way of life, the above explanation is meaningful. It relieves you of tensions. And helps you face troubles more candidly.

Our wise ancestors used to go through troubles with deep sense of sacrifice. Some rishis would go in search of difficult paths to cleanse themselves and attain moksha.

After listening to Shri.Sudhakar Sharma, my view of "difficulties" has changed.
My dad's physical (health) sufferings took on a new dimension. All the testing times he faced, though troublesome and painful, took him closer to the final tally of balance sheet.

Now, I am able to face the travails and tribulations in my own life with more courage and satisfaction. There's a sense of fulfilment and contentment.
I am at peace with myself and the difficulties that come my way.
This has been my personal experience. Never shun troubles and difficulties. Don't run away from them.

Many may say it's a load of bunkum.
But it gives me an incentive to do good and be good!
Now, I am at peace. With good and bad!

Too philosophical. But thought I'd share with all.