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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Indian Communists and their treachery

Blood-red Communists and their stooges!
In late 2004, the AP government led by YSR Reddy asked the police to step back when they had surrounded the top naxal leadership in the deep Telangana forests & had them on the cross-hairs of their guns! If the police had been given a free hand then, things would not have come to such a pass today. Naxalism, like LTTE would have been crushed. But, Congress, under pressure from Communist allies, let the naxal leaders escape. Both the UPA government & Communists must share the blame for allowing the naxalism to become an unmanageable monster & for the loss of so many precious lives of our brave policemen. At least now the government should make amends & wipe out the naxals who are challenging the authority & power of the mighty Indian state.
If the tiny Sri Lanka could achieve military victory by vanquishing the seemingly powerful LTTE, surely, the mighty Indian government also can eliminate naxalism. Only resolute leadership is required!
Manmohan Singh realised the anti-national character of the Indian Communists late; after four years of enjoying power with their support. It is a pity that our PM failed to understand their game-plan and surrendered to them meekly just to remain in power during UPA - I. And, he mentioned only the Communists siding with the British during the freedom struggle! But, the Communist zombies had also supported the Chinese during the Sino-Indian war in 1962. They arranged strikes so that supplies did not reach the Indian army men fighting near the border. The loyalty of the Indian Communists is always suspect since they never attempt to hide their trans-border affiliations. They now openly support China although that country gave up Communist ideology and pretensions long back. Our Commies are blind and deaf when it suits them. They enjoy holidays in Europe and send their children to study in England and Switzerland. But they want India and Indians to remain backward.
Read George Orwell's "Animal Farm" to understand the real Communist.
At no time in the history of contemporary Indian politics had a party extending outside support to the government so brazenly tried to influence the foreign policy as the Communists have sought to do in the recent past. Not surprisingly, the Communists' repeated deeds/actions only confirm their trans-national loyalties. Indians have not forgotten the treachery of the Communists during the freedom movement as well as their anti-Indian stance during the war with China. Their overt and covert support to the violence perpetrated by Maoists and Naxalites shows where their heart is. The comrades have also not concealed their intention to change the democratic character of the Indian Constitution if they were to capture power and do not deny the central theme of violent revolution to achieve this goal. The communist stooges continue to undermine Indian democracy from within little realizing that democracy alone has given them a chance to rule in some states and also enjoy power without accountability at the Centre. It is a tragedy that these ‘dinosaurs’ continue to survive in India and act against Indian interests while mouthing pious platitudes!
Trust our covert anti-national commie comrades to help China break India into pieces. The likes of Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat will not hesitate to encourage Maoists and other ultra leftist groups to fight a violent battle against federal Indian forces and destabilize the country just to please their communist bosses across the border in China! The Communists exhibited their true colors during Indian Independence movement and during the Indo-Chinese wars by supporting the British regime and the Chinese Red Army respectively. These blood-red Indian chameleons will not miss an opportunity to do so again even if it means destroying the great Indian nation. Because, in their hearts these Communists are disloyal and hate the spirit of Indianism and great cultural history of India which is the anti-thesis of communist ideologies.
They are like termites hallowing out the wood from within!
Indian public are more mature and intelligent to see through their wicked shenanigans. The Communists have got a befitting reply in the recent general elections. The communists, with their pseudo-secularism, dinosaur-age ideology based totalitarianism and fossilized mindsets will be wiped out from India soon.
Public memory is not short. We still remember that the central forces staged a farce and allowed the left terrorists to escape in Lalgarh! All the brave talk of "pincer attack" and "multi-pronged strategies" did not yield any Maoist leader in their net although the government forces had "surrounded" them and was "flushing" them - whatever that meant. In the end, nothing came of the hugely hyped up "attack" on the "cornered" Maoists in Lalgarh. Not one Naxal was captured or killed! How the Maoists could have escaped if they were indeed "surrounded" is a mystery. The same inefficient and non-serious government will also bury this issue of Naxals butchering civilians despite all the chest-beating now exhibited by the foxy Chidambaram and his commi-friendly gang. This "secular" UPA government is gutless and shameless, to put it modestly.
During the recent attacks and killing of CRPF jawans and the derailing of Gnaneshwari Express, the Communist worthies (Prakash Karat, Sitaram Yechury, Brinda Karat, Raja, Bardhan and the gang) who spare no opportunity to drop their pearls of wisdom before TV cameras went into hiding. These treacherous worms did not come out of their gutters to condemn the Maoists for killing innocents. Perhaps all their condemnations are reserved only for Gujarat, Modi & Hindutva!
The naxals are brothers-in-arms of the Communists with same ideologies, violence, hatred, vengeance, spreading anarchy, undermining the Constitution & democratic institutions in India. These zombies are front actors of China & will betray India whenever their Chinese masters order them to do so.
None of the Communists have condemned China for violating Indian space & disputing Arunachal Pradesh & Sikkim being integral parts of India.
The other great “secularist” Lalu Prasad Yadav said that naxals do not attack common people but only police informers. As if “police informers” were some sort of criminals. Lalu's Z category security should be withdrawn. Or his body guards should desert him because he is justifying the killing of policemen by the naxals. Lalu is a "traitor" - a "wolf" in "wolf's" clothing. Such comments by anti-national politicians lead to disenchantment in the police forces. IF the Maoists capture power through the gun as is their aim, then where will Lalloo be? Neither will the Maoist-sympathisers and human rights bugles be alive under naxal rule! Common man or a police man - the life is precious. Naxals are inhuman thugs! They should be killed since they are enemy number one for India and Indians. Lalloo and his ilk can go to hell!

The UPA government should act with haste & resolve to wipe out the Maoist terrorism. The government should not hesitate to use the army, air force & whatever means are required to eliminate these traitors. Will MMS and PC wake from the slumber?

The army & air force should protect the country. If there is a rebellion within & innocent citizens are targeted & the naxals practice violence, then it is imperative for the police & armed forces to protect the country against destabilization by armed and violent naxals. The armed forces should not just shoot in self defense but should chase these communist stooges and kill them all because they pose a great danger to democratic government in India. The Indian army cannot exist in its present state if democracy ceases to exist in India. These naxals should be prepared to face the might of the Indian State which they are trying to overthrow through a bloody revolution & by undermining the state apparatus. It cannot be a one-way street where only naxals can kill people. Human Rights exist for all Indians and not only for communists or naxals.

The naxals should also be prepared to die if they are indeed not cowards! One who fights by the sword should be prepared to die by the sword.

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  1. Actually even Marxism started out from a philanthropic basis. During Marx's time, he was greatly affected by the suffering of mine workers and industrial workers who were exploited to their marrow by privileged sections of the society. I don't contest the basic intentions with which these political movements start out, but I don't dispute that very soon these movements disintegrate to utter chaotic conditions so that the alternative that existed earlier itself seems far superior.
    To really understand what would result if the rich merchant and industrial class were permitted to function without restraint, one should see a hilarious movie of Charlie Chaplin - 'Modern Times'.
    I realise that the trade union movement was essential as a sort of 'balance' to secure the rights of the working classes, but I am fully aware of how soon such things deteriorate. Such deterioration is fundamentally due to the 'inherent' nature of 'MAN' (humans!).
    Actually 'non-cooperation' and 'satyagraha' and various tools of political strategy were, before Indian independence, used for a very benign and good end. But I don't have to point out the utterly selfish ends it is now being put into.
    Even the Indian fight of independence. I do not for a moment doubt the utterly total sincerity with which various men made out of the way sacrifices. Yet the same selfless freedom fighters turned utterly selfish and aggrandising and corrupt after independence.
    So Marxism started out as a political theory aimed towards the uplift of Man. But the inherent weaknesses of Man caused its very decay and ruin. Marxism would definitely work in an ideal world. But the world is not ideal. For that matter, Democracy and Capitalism too would work in an ideal world - 1. Where votes are not based on caste 2. Where votes cannot be bought for wine or money 2. Where the masses are fully educated and are able to fully assess the impact of various social and economic policies - and on the basis of such enlightened thinking cast their votes. 4. Where every man pays the tax really, really honestly with the full knowledge that it is the only meansa of revenue for the government and thence it is really a way to finance the well-being of a society. 5. Where government contracts are awarded on the basis of pure merit and so on and on. Yes! If the Khoday's, the Mallya's and you and me all did our duties as ideal citizens do, democracy and capitalism would be wonderful! I say this because, even in Capitalism, there are methods to ensure the equitable distribution of wealth - that's what taxes are for. But if you become rich today and are asked to fork out Rs20 crores as tax and you are aware, in a way, that by 'spending' one crore, your tax liabilities can be reduced to five crores and yet you choose to pay the 20 crore tax - YES! THAT WILL BE THE DAY FOR MANKIND!
    Actually, I wouldn't like to argue for marxism or communism or democracy or capitalism as I would like to argue for MANKIND.