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Sunday, January 28, 2018

My networth or network?

What is my Net worth?
My AADHAAR, my CIBIL rating, my cloud storage?
In today's digital life context, my networth is the number of FB friends I have and the number of likes I get for my updates!
The number of WhatsApp groups I am in and the number of views of my status is also a measure of my Networth!
The internet has changed our lifestyles and understanding of the concept of success and failures! It has shrunk the globe and enabled me to focus on me, myself and mine.
The greed, vanity and selfishness that pervades this materialistic world has transformed people into zombies and beasts ever on the run ignoring the beauty of life and importance of relationships.
May we change for the better and aim for the true indices of net worth - sama (tranquility), dama (command over senses), uparati (contentment), titiksha (forbearance) shraddha (faith) and samadhana (blissful peace) - the real life success as described in the scriptures!

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