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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Is there something in the blood of Kannadigas that they remember "Kannada" and "Karnataka" only as November closes in and the "Kannadiga" pride swells up and overflows?
Can we be 24x7 Kannadigas ever?

Its no great surprise that Kannadigas are outnumbered in their own land...... just go to City Market, SJP Road, SP Road and you will feel as if you are in an alien land...... you can manage even if u don't know Kannada...but you need to necessarily know Hindi, Tamil or Urdu!!!!
And same is the case with all Central Govt offices. The Trilingual formula exists only on paper.... it is only Tamil or Malayalam or Hindi that moves the paper mountains here.... I went to a Public Sector Bank in a remote rural area and all the challans, banners, notices were in Hindi and English. Oh....God save the poor ignorant illiterate Karnataka villagers!

And Hindi is accorded top priority despite the rule making it mandatory that the local language (Kannada) should be given primary status. And no wonder that when you enter a central government office you will feel like an outsider... and the way they treat you..if you are a localite turns the knife in your gut.

Less said the better about IT companies. They just want to enjoy the government-sponsored largesse of  subsidised lands, tax holidays, incentives but do not care to employ local Kannadigas. These companies that the lands originally belonged to poor farmers. But, when these localites seek jobs, merit comes to the forefront to deny them jobs. The pious protestations and bland justifications of IT companies fall flat when you analyse that merit can be the criteria for middle level and top level positions. At lower levels....localites should be given priority. This is not charity... the benefits and incentives these IT companies enjoy should be reciprocated and this is a social obligation. These companies are legally bound by a clause in their land allotment agreement on this issue of employing localites.

I have wondered why things have come to such a pass in Karnataka...and more so in Bangalore. The sole reason is that Kannadigas have no self respect.... they allow anybody and everybody to trample on them.....they crawl when they are required to just bow..... I am ashamed to say this... but Kannadigas are lazy.... lethargic.... and the "adjust madkolli" attitude is deeply ingrained in them.... they avoid risk taking and would let somebody hold the dirty end of the stick!

Fortunately, we had Dr. Raj, an icon who was an inspiration for the cause of Kannada! Now,  Vatal Nagaraj or a Sa Ra Govindu or Karnataka Rakshana Vedike or Muthappa Rai dictate the Kannada agenda... but do these so called leaders and organisations have their own axes to grind?

And the less said the better about the Kannada Development Authority.....Kannada Sahitya Parishat.....etc.

Kannadigas need a mighty jolt to invigorate drive some sense.... a re-awakening like what happened during the Gokak agitation.....

Will it ever come????


  1. I feel the same way in Bengal, Sir! But, of course, that's no consolation. Yesterday, I spent Makar Sankrati with at least a 100 Kannadigas. The Puja and Homa were conducted in Sanskrit and pure Kannada. I assure you, that I felt very much at home!

    Wish you and your family, a bit belatedly, Very Happy Sankranti! And "bright, prosperous developments, as the Sun commences it's Northwards motion...

    =Jay & family=

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